Ace Manufacturing Industries, Inc.

Ace Manufacturing Industries, Inc., (AMI) is a precision-machine manufacturer. They utilize innovative equipment, processes, and manufacture components with hundreds of features, some with tolerances on the micron level. They specialize in powering food production, construction, mining and national defense industries. Since their inception in 1992, they have worked to establish their position as an industry leader and their expertise is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world.

AMI routinely exceeds industry standards by thinking beyond just processes and technology. They anticipate their customers’ business challenges and provide unique solutions. This allows them to earn the trust and loyalty of their customers, rather than simply competing for their business against other vendors. Since they were providing these services to their customers, they wanted a bank that would provide the same to them.

“Prior to moving to Denmark State Bank, we were with a larger bank and the customer service was lacking. There was a lot of turnover at that institution, so it was difficult to build a strong working relationship with them. We were looking for a business partner that offered a more personal experience, excellent customer service, and could offer lending solutions to meet our unique needs.”

As a rapidly growing business, AMI found themselves in a situation where they needed to make a capital investment in equipment right away to meet their customers’ demands.

“Denmark State Bank drew up the paperwork and collected all the information they needed from us very quickly and even came to our business to finalize the financing. If you want to work with a financial team that genuinely wants to help your business succeed, choose Denmark State Bank. They get to know you and are eager to listen to your needs, so they can find the right financial solutions.”

Kelley Krouth – President, Ace Manufacturing Industries, Inc.