Alternative Animal Bedding

Supporting local farmers with a cost effective bedding solution is at the core of Lynn and Cindi Heemeyer’s business, Alternative Animal Bedding. “Agriculture is really astounding,” said Cindi. “There are so many local farmers willing to do unique and different things to keep their farms successful, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

Alternative Animal Bedding provides bedding to farmers using a mix of recyclable products, including short paper fiber and lime kiln dust. Through their unique partnerships with local businesses, and relatively simple way of mixing product, the resulting bedding is a consistent, long-lasting, reliable product for farmers to use.

Their business began in 2010 after a tour of the Fox River Fiber Plant where their daughter interned. In 2012, the couple moved to the Denmark area as business grew. To keep up with demand, the Heemeyer’s approached Denmark State Bank about financing options to purchase and install new equipment. The bank’s expertise in the local agricultural community tied in perfectly with Lynn and Cindi’s desire to serve local farmers, and a successful partnership was established.

The Heemeyer’s business continues to grow, consistently hauling 65-70 loads of bedding each week. Their daughter Jess, became part of the team in March of 2015, forgoing an “office job” to become a part of the family business. “We knew we would find that connection in a community bank,” said Cindi. “Everyone we speak to is always ready to help, and so gracious whether we are in the office, or speaking on the phone.” This local connection to community is inherent in the way Lynn and Cindi interact and support the community. “Denmark State Bank has been so good to us – we’re very lucky.”


– Lynn & Cindi Heemeyer, Alternative Animal Bedding