Homestead Decor

Diane Gerhard knows a lot about customer service, especially in the retail industry. As the owner of three unique and successful businesses in Green Bay, customer service and strong ties to the community are what set her apart from her competitors.

“I was with Denmark State Bank in the early years of my business but switched to a bigger national bank for a period of time,” said Diane. “I decided to switch back to Denmark State Bank and have been very happy with the decision to make the change.”

Homestead Decor was Diane’s first business, which opened in 1986. It has become the place to shop for unique home furnishings and gifts. In 2001, she opened Grapevine Café with the desire to create a casual restaurant that would offer creative food choices and feel like home. The ideas kept coming and finally, to complement the two other businesses, Lady Savannah opened its doors. This women’s clothing boutique caters to women of all ages and budgets, with an edge on fashion.

Diane’s contacts at Denmark State Bank are always talking with her about opportunities for cost-savings within her small, local businesses. She credits Denmark State Bank’s timely return phone calls and friendly, personal service as characteristics that make the bank stand-out when compared to other financial institutions. “The ‘bigger’ bank simply could not match the customer service level and competitive rates offered by Denmark State Bank.”

Homestead Decor, Grapevine Café and Lady Savannah are all located in Bellevue, Wisconsin.


– Diane Gerhard, Homestead Decor