O’Hearn’s Irish Dairy Farm, LLC

O’Hearn’s Irish Dairy has been in operation since 1888 and the farming tradition has carried on through four generations. Currently operated by Diane, her sons, John and Josh and Diane’s brothers-in-law, Jim and Kenny O’Hearn, the farm consists of 470 milking cows and 1,400 acres of land. Both John and Josh have pursued an education in agriculture with plans to keep the farm in the family for future generations.

“After my husband’s tragic death in 2011, I made the tough decision to quit my nursing job and work full-time to keep the farm in operation. Denmark State Bank was with me through the transition and continues to be with me today. The Bank, along with our banker, Jeff Vandenplas, have been instrumental in our reorganization and success. By them believing in our business, we have become a very sound operation.”

“Like others in the industry, we are faced with low milk and commodity prices, but Denmark State Bank remains committed to our business. They took a chance on us during tough times, and every day we appreciate the trust they have in us, it has been such a benefit to our family. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Denmark State Bank.”

Diane, Josh and John O’Hearn – Owners, O’Hearn’s Irish Dairy Farm, LLC