Paper Transport, Inc.

When Lennie and Joan Shefchik purchased their first home 45 years ago, it was Denmark State Bank who helped them through the process. Twenty-one years later when starting Paper Transport, they went to the Bank for assistance. Today the relationship between the Shefchiks, Paper Transport and Denmark State Bank is a true partnership.

“We have had a great local support over the years from Denmark State Bank,” says Lennie Shefchik, one of the founders of Paper Transport. “They are more than our bankers, they are our business partners. They know us as people, learned our strengths and weaknesses and worked alongside us. Working with the decision makers at the bank allowed us to get things done.”

“They did more than just review our financial statements,” says Joan Shefchik.

“They know us personally and we have a great amount of respect for one another. We have surrounded ourselves with really good people.”

Jeff Shefchik, Lennie and Joan’s nephew, now serves as President of Paper Transport Inc. Starting in 2003 as the Director of Finance and Accounting, Jeff brought a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the company and continues to look to his business partners as crucial pieces of his strategy.

“Working with Denmark State Bank provides ease and speed of doing business,” says Jeff Shefchik. “They are local and they know us. As we grew, Denmark State Bank was very proactive in taking care of our needs. If they could not provide a service, they found a partner who could. That says a lot. Jeff Vandenplas is my sounding board and I appreciate that.”

Paper Transport, Inc. is headquartered in Ashwaubenon and has operations based in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma and Texas. They started with three trucks and four people in 1990, and today their company has grown to just over 500 trucks and 640 team members.


– Lennie & Joan Shefchik, Paper Transport, Inc.