The Caldwell Family and Eye & Vision Clinics

From the beginning, Robin knew the significance of working with a local, community bank. More than 35 years ago, Robin, her husband Jon and his partner David Dufek began the Eye and Vision Clinics, located in De Pere and Luxemburg. Starting a brand new business isn’t easy, and the three of them worked hard to establish themselves in the local communities. “Your banker is the most important person when you’re starting a business,” said Robin. And so began the partnership with Denmark State Bank. Robin hasn’t looked back since.

As their business grew, so did the personal relationships between the bank and the business. “The bank helped with our first mortgage, and again when we decided to build our dream home,” said Robin. Their two children and families are also customers of the bank. “Denmark State Bank helped with my son’s first car loan, and my daughter and her husband’s first mortgage.” At times, the bank would anticipate the needs of her business before she even realized it. “I truly feel that they [the bank] always have my best interests in mind.”

When Robin’s husband passed away six years ago, the staff of the bank was there to help work through the financial changes/challenges, including refinancing her house. “Denmark State Bank has made it as easy as they can for me, jumping through hoops so I don’t have too.” Robin believes that Denmark State Bank’s commitment to stay a local, community bank is mirrored in their attention to detail and customer support. “Because of the relationship we have with Denmark State Bank, we were successful. Not only with our business, but personally too.”


– Robin, The Caldwell Family and Eye & Vision Clinics