The Johnson Family

The Johnsons are a hard-working family with two young children, Jersie and Jacob. Both Scott and Lisa work full-time jobs, plus run a small farming business, where they raise steers. When they were looking to buy a new home, they were referred to Denmark State Bank by a family friend, who also happened to be the seller of the house they wanted to buy. They ended up meeting with Mortgage Banker, Sami Behnke, to get the process started.

“The property we wanted to buy was a bit out of the ordinary, since it had a cell phone tower on it. The Bank pulled out all their resources and really did their homework to ensure the sale would go through. They were all very professional and made sure the home buying process was easy to understand.”

As they went through the mortgage process, the Johnsons also decided to combine some of their other personal and business loans. Sami referred the Johnsons to the Branch Manager of our Lawrence office, Lisa Waters, for a full review of their personal accounts, business accounts and loans.

“Combining multiple loans with multiple payments into one loan with one payment at a lower interest rate has really saved us money. We are thankful for the time they spent with us to ensure we were getting the best rate and term. As a busy family, we rely on the online banking resources and the convenient branch locations to get our banking done quickly and easily. They are a great local bank with good people available to help you.”