Vander Kinter Farms, LLC

The Vander Kinter family knows what it means to run a successful family business. Wallace Vander Kinter started as a dairy farmer, where he taught his sons Wayne, Clyde and Glen how to run the business. Today, Wayne’s sons Luke, Brian and Nick and Luke’s wife Katherine are also involved with their custom harvesting business and work with farmers throughout northeast Wisconsin, including Rosendale Dairy, the largest farm in the state.

The Vander Kinters do custom harvesting for their local customers from start to finish. They also cash grain farm and run about 1000 acres of land where they plant, grow and harvest everything themselves.

The relationship with Denmark State Bank dates back to when Wallace and Joyce began as customers, and has continued ever since. Once the custom harvesting business started, the sons and grandsons knew that their local, community bank would help them be successful.

“We’ve worked with Denmark State Bank for all of our needs,” said Katherine Vander Kinter, “they are down-to-earth, and talk things through. They really understand our business. When we say we need money for a new chopper, they know we don’t mean a new onion chopper. They make banking easy,” says Katherine. “Since Denmark State Bank is a local bank, when we ask for a loan, they know exactly where we’ll be using the money.”

Vander Kinter Farms is located in Bellevue, Wisconsin.


– Nick, Luke, Wayne, Glen, Clyde & Brian Vander Kinter, Vander Kinter Farms LLC