ERC: Counselors & Consultants

Steven Baue, CEO and President of ERC, has more than 25 years  of domestic and international experience in organizational development, human resources and executive-level leadership. Steven and his wife Allyson purchased the award-winning, Green Bay-based Employee Assistance Program and performance consulting company in 2014. Their vision is simple: to be the most trusted partner for true mental health benefits.

Many small business owners say, “our business is unique,” and the services and delivery at ERC are no exception. ERC needed a banking partner who was willing to take the time to understand their mission. Steven was tired of having to justify his decisions and feeling like he was a task on someone’s to-do list when working with other banks. He wanted a banking partner that truly supported him and his business. Denmark State Bank did just that. “It also helped that when I decided to switch banks, Denmark State Bank’s rates and terms were much more reasonable than what others were offering which has provided us more working capital.”

Relationships, support and genuine dedication are what keep ERC banking with Denmark State Bank. “Every time I see my banker, James Meyer, he starts the conversation the same way, ‘How are you my friend?’ I know that’s not just a line from Jim, he means it. It’s not ‘How’s the business?’ or ‘What do the numbers look like?’ It’s ‘How are YOU?’ I truly appreciate that in Jim; he honestly cares.”

ERC is real people, trying to do what is right by their clients, customers and employees. “Denmark State Bank conducts their business the same way. I know the people at Denmark State Bank from the top down, and they all share the same warmth, low-ego, focused dedication that makes working with them easy.”

Steven Baue – CEO and President, ERC