03/25/2021 Banking Locally Reinvests Back into the Community

The idea of “sustainability” is linked to a lot of our local activities these days—whether it’s reusing or recycling products, sampling culinary delights from the local bakery, or choosing to buy American-made products to support our national economy. There are plenty of reasons why dining, shopping, and banking locally makes good economic sense. Community banks […]

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11/30/2020 Financial Self Care

There’s never a bad time to take control of your finances and determine a path for success. There also is never a goal too small to make a difference. Each little alteration to your budget can have a lasting impact on your financial health. What is financial self-care? Think of your finances like your heart […]

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11/05/2020 Mid-Year Financial Review

It probably seems like 2020 has dragged on forever, but the halfway point is finally here. This year has been especially turbulent for millions of Americans who have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of how the year is going for you, July is a good time to assess your financial status […]

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11/05/2020 Maximize Your Emergency Fund

It’s hard to find a feeling more stressful than realizing you don’t have enough money to cover all of your upcoming bills. The obvious goal is to never let your budget reach that point, but the COVID-19 pandemic has laid a crushing blow to many people’s finances. Statistics from the Federal Reserve show the average […]

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11/05/2020 Fraud Prevention

When you store your money in the bank, you want to know that it’s secure and trust that the same amount you deposited last month will be there this month when you need to pay your bills. While this is a safe assumption to make, scammers will try to take your hard-earned money fraudulently. According […]

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