11/05/2020 Fraud Prevention

When you store your money in the bank, you want to know that it’s secure and trust that the same amount you deposited last month will be there this month when you need to pay your bills. While this is a safe assumption to make, scammers will try to take your hard-earned money fraudulently. According […]

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11/05/2020 Navigating Life Changes

Navigate your life with a reliable financial roadmap As you age, your life will take many twists and turns, with each change in direction marking a significant life event that ultimately determines where your path leads. Positive examples are applying to and graduating from college, getting your first job, getting married and starting a family. […]

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11/05/2020 Practicing Good Financial Habits

Finances can be a touchy subject for some. There are two parts to managing your finances—literacy and wellness. Financial literacy is knowing what you are supposed to do: Don’t spend more money than you earn Live on a budget Have an emergency fund for unexpected expenses like a medical emergency or job loss Save for […]

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We know you face important financial decisions every day and we are here to help. This program will equip you with the critical knowledge and skills you need to make the financial decisions that are best for you.