Great Lakes Glass, LLC

For the last 9 years, Ben Buehler, the owner of Great Lakes Glass, LLC has been proudly serving his neighbors throughout Northeast Wisconsin. His can-do attitude and local success has allowed his dream to grow. “We’ve been able to have the working capital to expand our business and reach our goals. When we needed funding for a project or a large purchase, Denmark State Bank worked with us to make it happen. Also, their technological solutions simplify what we do every day – from deposits, to verification, to electronic payments.”

When Ben first started installing windshields, he knew he wanted to partner with someone who would be able to grow with his business. “It was important to me that the vendors and suppliers I chose to work with held the same core values I built my business on; reliable, customer-focused and giving back to the community. The people at Denmark State Bank understand what my business needs in order to be successful. They are always willing to listen to our goals and where we want to take the business, and they give practical, honest feedback to help us get there.” Last year, Great Lakes Glass fixed over 10,000 windshields across the United States.

Per the recommendation of their Denmark State Bank Business Banker, Mark Hoefs, Great Lakes Glass decided to implement the Positive Pay system to help protect their accounts from losses due to fraud. Within a few months this add-on service had paid for itself when Ben discovered check fraud. “It would have taken us months to discover this fraud, because the amounts weren’t out of the ordinary, but because of Positive Pay, it was discovered and stopped immediately. It protected us from several thousand dollars’ of check fraud. You don’t think it can happen to you, but it can. I feel more secure knowing that our bank is invested in our business’ success.”

Ben Buehler – Owner and Joel Stratton – President, Great Lakes Glass, LLC