Lizer Lawn Care and Irrigation

John Calewarts and Mike Stascak have successfully managed the lawncare, landscaping and snow removal needs for countless people in Northeast Wisconsin through their business, Lizer Lawn Care and Irrigation. Prior to 1992, John was an employee at Lizer. After graduating with a business degree, he was asked to purchase the business. He jumped at the chance, happy to get started running a company he was so familiar with. But securing a loan was a challenge. “There wasn’t another bank that would give me a loan even though I had worked there for many years,” said John. “Denmark State Bank was the only bank who would take the chance on me.”

Mike tells a similar story of loan refusals when he bought into the business in 1994. Through the years, Denmark State Bank’s trust in the partners’ business strategy has paid off. Lizer has grown from mowing lawns and weed control, to a full-service lawn maintenance and snow removal company.

Relationships and personal service are what keep them banking with Denmark State Bank. “They know who we are when we walk in,” says Mike. “They make banking easy and convenient—it’s a friendship.” Bank staff (at the Bellevue office) know each partner on a personal level, which makes new ideas and potential business ventures an uncomplicated and effortless discussion.

In fact, Lizer recently purchased four additional acres across from their current facility in Bellevue, where they are looking to build storage units to expand their business. Denmark State Bank was there to help with the purchase, and will continue to work closely with John and Mike to keep the outdoor spaces in our area clean and green.

Mike Stascak and John Calewarts – Owners, Lizer Lawn Care and Irrigation