MasterCard® Debit Cards


A Denmark State Bank Enhanced Debit MasterCard® is a smart, safe, and easy way to take care of all your purchases — both big and small. Use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted, or to withdraw cash at ATMs everywhere. Plus, you’ll receive additional protection and benefits that can help you get more out of life.

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  • Access your funds anytime, anywhere.
  • Make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted around the globe at more than 39.6 million locations — in stores, online, and over the phone.
  • Track and monitor payments for better budgeting and control.
  • Better financial control than cash —Purchase amounts are deducted from your checking account so you know exactly what you have available to spend.
  • Track spending easily —Use your monthly checking account statement or your bank’s online banking service to view your account statement for easy and fast record keeping.
  • Pay bills automatically — Set up automatic payments for utilities or rent, so what needs to get paid gets paid on time, every time.

If your debit card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately at 920-863-2161. After regular business hours, please call 800-472-3272 to receive assistance.


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