Merger with Bank First

We Can Do More, Together

Exciting news! On January 19, 2022, Denmark State Bank announced a merger agreement with Bank First Corporation Read the merger announcement here.

What can shareholders and customers expect to see in the coming months?

  • The two organizations have submitted merger application documents to our regulatory agencies. Upon receiving regulatory approvals, a closing date will be determined and conversion of customer accounts will take place. We have targeted the weekend of August 13 for the conversion.
  • In mid-May, some Denmark State Bank customers received required notifications that impacts their local branch office and safe deposit box.
  • On June 13, both Denmark State Bank and Bank First will hold their shareholder meetings to the approve the merger.
  • On or around July 12, all Denmark State Bank customers and shareholders will begin receiving detailed communication from Bank First including a comprehensive timeline of events, merger election information, important account changes, information on Bank First’s products and services, a frequently asked questions document, and contact information to address questions or concerns. Much of this information will also be included on this web page.
  • For services related to Denmark State Bank accounts, please continue to visit any Denmark State Bank location until conversion. After conversion, you can visit any Bank First location.