Srnka Farms, LLC

Third generation farmers, Scott and Terry Srnka grew up on the family farm near Algoma, milking cows and working in the fields. But in 2003, along with Scott’s wife Tina, they took a leap of faith. If they wanted to keep farming in the family, they realized that they needed to expand. Srnka Farms, LLC was officially formed, and with the help of Denmark State Bank, the brothers purchased land and consolidated their milking parlor operation.

In 2012, Scott, Tina and Terry worked with Denmark State Bank on plans to expand the business once again. The small business owners appreciated the bank’s guidance and excellent communication through the whole process. “We talked with our Agribusiness Banker, Dave Kappelman, at Denmark State Bank about a number of different expansion scenarios and what might work best for our business and family,” says Scott. The bank assessed their specific needs, and didn’t assume they were like any other farm looking to expand. “They gave us a list of unknowns to  consider, and planned for ‘wiggle room’ to be sure we could complete the project.”

The farm now has more than 450 cows, producing an average 30,000 lbs. of milk per cow; the operation runs 24/7, milking three times a day. The Srnka’s continue to rely on the bank to ensure current operational and long- term needs are being met. “We want to keep it manageable, hands-on” said Scott, “and give our kids the  opportunity to keep farming in the family.”

Tina and Scott Srnka, Terry Srnka – Owners, Srnka Farms, LLC