Susters Arcade

Every small town has certain businesses that serve as the lifeblood of the community—a grocery store, post office, the local bank and tavern. In Denmark, the relationship between the community bank and local watering hole started more than 100 years ago. “We opened in 1909 and a number of weeks later, Denmark State Bank opened in town,” says Jason Baugnet, one of the current managers of the family-owned business. “Ours was a unique partnership from the very beginning.”

As lifelong members of the community, the bank is woven into the memories of childhood for both Jason and his wife Amanda (Suster.) “There was the bank sucker that was just the right treat after every visit with Grandma or Grandpa,” says Amanda. “Or learning the value of saving for the future by depositing whatever our Denmark State Bank piggy bank could hold, into our savings account.” The bank played a large role in supporting Denmark youth. Anyone who played on the Memorial Park ball diamond has memories of the blue bank t-shirts and hats, not to mention the smell of Suster’s chicken in the air. “Now our children are experiencing these same things and the bank will be etched into their childhood as well,” continues Amanda. “This is what makes being a customer of Denmark State Bank so unique.”

At a time when people don’t usually visit their bank, Jason sometimes stops in a few times a week, and is greeted by name. Jason and Amanda consider the bank a lifelong partner…in fact, like part of the family.

Jason & Amanda Baugnet, Leon & Theresa Suster and Angela Suster – Susters Arcade