The Driveway

Ryan Borowicz is the owner of The Driveway, a basketball training center that opened in June of 2016. He also operates Ryan Borowicz Basketball out of the same Hobart, Wisconsin location. Ryan runs basketball camps, clinics, classes and leagues. Prior to opening The Driveway, Ryan was the Sports Director at Appleton Alliance Church for 10 years. He was hosting basketball training camps as part of his role at the church, as well as on the side. He was renting gyms anywhere he could just to work with the kids. It got to the point where he thought doing basketball training full time was a legitimate option. He knew if he didn’t “take the leap,” that in 10 years he would regret it, so he left his job at the church to focus on basketball training.

Ryan felt having his own facility was the best way to go. After looking at countless buildings, Ryan finally decided to build. “I met with a couple of other banks, but since this project was not a traditional business, and basically a start up, I ran into a lot of skeptical people. I went down the road with a few different banks, but they just said it was a little too ‘out of the box’ for them. I started to think that this was never going to be an option until I was referred to Denmark State Bank and Steve Dill.”

“Steve believed in my vision from the get-go and I was amazed at how quickly he worked to get an easy-to-understand loan proposal in my hands. With other banks, this same process had been complicated and confusing. I do not know anything about business loans, building loans, or entrepreneurship in general. Steve and the team at Denmark State Bank made it simple and easy, and most of all, they believed in me.”

Ryan was on a tight schedule to build and open the facility. He had been working with another bank that told him the timing wasn’t going to work because of the long lead times they required on approving loans. “Steve and Denmark State Bank made it happen in a couple days. Bigger banks often have other priorities, but Steve made me feel like I was his only priority. Denmark State Bank truly cares about the community, and that’s important to me.”

Ryan Borowicz – Owner, The Driveway